Main Functions

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Disaster Scientific Investigation Division

Innovation of the disaster management system using disaster scientific investigation and interdisciplinary analysis

Disaster Scientific Investigation Division pursues the development of disaster forensic investigation & profiling technologies and implements researches on improvement of the policy system in order to prevent recurrence of similar disasters.

■ Disaster Scientific Investigation TECH
  • • Coordinating the Disaster Scientific Investigation Division
  • • Disaster scientific investigation for natural disasters and other disasters
  • • Implementing R&D on advanced robotic technologies for disaster scientific investigations
  • • Developing robotic-based forensic investigations and their applications
  • • Research on disaster scientific investigation policies and R&D planning
■ Disaster Forensic Investigation Team 2
  • • Conduct research project on development of the forensic techniques for disaster scientific investigation
  • • Developing standard operation procedures for disaster forensic investigation
  • • Advancement and field application of field investigation Core-Tech. based on scientific research high-tech equipment
  • • Development of research and analysis technique using advanced equipment of structural collapse , environment and chemical accident
  • • Conduct investigation of current issues such as Joint Government Disaster Cause Investigation Group(Article 69 of the Fundamental Act on Disaster and Safety Management)
  • • Development of research and analysis techniques using simulation and advanced equipment
  • • Researching laws and policies related to disaster and safety to prevent reoccurrences
  • • Collecting and analyzing laws and policies related to disasters
■ Disaster Profiling Team
  • • Researching into disaster profiling technologies for cause analysis
  • • Proposing improvement measures through similar cases analysis and effect analysis of implementation evaluation
  • • Providing the policy service using disaster-archive and disaster causes analysis results