Main Functions

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Earthquake Hazards Reduction Center

R&D for strengthening social capabilities of earthquake countermeasures

Earthquake Hazards Reduction Center make an effort to protect people and build resilient society by developing policies and technologies based on National comprehensive plan of earthquake disaster countermeasures.

■ Earthquake Hazards Reduction Management Team
  • • Planning National R&D Road-Map for Earthquake Hazards Reduction
  • • Leading the Cluster for Earthquake Related Organizations
  • • Improvement of Earthquake Safety Facility Certification System
  • • Quality Review and Analysis of Earthquake Acceleration Measuring Data
  • • Installation Consultation and Field Inspection of Earthquake Acceleration Measuring Devices
■ Earthquake Countermeasures Research Team
  • • Construction and Share of Information Related to National Earthquake Disaster Prevention
  • • Making Customized Contents of Earthquake Disaster Prevention
  • • Earthquake Countermeasures Research based on Earthquake Damage Estimation by Region
■ Seismic Information Analysis Team
  • • Development of Standard Model for Liquefaction Hazard Maps and Liquefaction Response Manual
  • • Development of Distribution Model for Earthquake Shaking Alarm Devices
  • • Building the System for Earthquake Safety Service based on Intelligence Information Technology
■ Joint Research Organization for Investigating Active Faults
  • • Research Management of Active Fault Research Projects of related Ministries (MOIS, NSSC, MSIT)
  • • Cooperative Research Planning On National Active Faults Investigation