Main Functions

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Earthquake Hazards Reduction Center

R&D for upgrading national earthquake countermeasures and strengthening capabilities of our society

Our mission is to develop technologies and policies to protect the lives of people from earthquake and to improve the resilience of our society to earthquake disasters.

■ Earthquake Hazards Reduction Management Team
  • • Establishment of R&D Road Map for National Earthquake Disaster Prevention
  • • Improvement of Post-earthquake Safety Evaluation System of Earthquake Damaged Buildings
  • • Development of Standard Model for Liquefaction Hazard Mapping and Liquefaction Response Manual
■ Earthquake Countermeasures Research Team
  • • Construction and Share of Information Related to National Earthquake Disaster Prevention
  • • Development of Customized Earthquake Disaster Prevention Contents
  • • Earthquake Countermeasures Research Based on Earthquake Damage Estimation by Region
■ Seismic Information Analysis Team
  • • Development of Earthquake Shaking Alarm Devices to Spread to People
  • • Quality Review and Analysis of Earthquake Acceleration Measuring Data
  • • Building the System of Earthquake Safety Service on Intelligence Information Technology
  • • Operation of Analysis System on Earthquake Acceleration Measuring Signal
  • • Installation Consultation and Field Inspection of Earthquake Acceleration Measuring Devices
■ Seismic Fault Investigation Inter-ministry Group
  • • Seismic Fault Investigation Related R&D Planning
  • • Management and Evaluation for R&D Related with Investigation and Evaluation of Active Fault Line in the Korean Peninsula