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Department Disaster Prevention Research Division
Date 2016
Name of Journal Journal of Korean Socirty of Hazard Mitigation, Vol.16, No.6
Title Risk of Empirical Experiments riding a bicycle
Author Geonha Na, Jaeseung Joo, Dojoon Jung
Type 국내저널
Abstract As bicycle users have been increased dramatically by expansion of bicycle road network, riding club and communities, traffic accidents involving bikes are increasing trends in now. However, national consensus for risk of bike relating accidents are not fully developed because of insignificant efforts to enhance bike rider’s safety, devise countermeasures for reducing traffic accidents involving bikes and establish policies and systems. This study is for increasing awareness for risk of bicycle riding and suggesting safety speed and guideline for safety riding through experimental evaluation for various bicycle accidents cases. The results may use for references to enhance policy and strategies to reduce traffic accident involving bicycles.
Keyword Bicycle, Traffic Accident, Safe Riding, Accident Prevention
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