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Department Disaster Prevention Research Division
Date 2017
Name of Journal Journal of Disaster Management
Title Preparation for Livelihood-Connected Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Based on Empirical Experiments
Author Jaeseung Joo, Dojoon Jung, Hyun Seung Cho
Type 국내저널
Abstract The purpose of this research is to provide coping plans, which make people can prevent disasters by themselves preferentially, by developing behavioral know-how through livelihood-connected experiments that people easily empathize with. To that end, this research conducted verification experiments by making a real scale street inlet for target practice, which can be seen commonly in everyday life. Especially, this research examined how much it affects street flooding that when a street inlet is closed by a cover for preventing an unpleasant odor from inside or when trash thrown away carelessly by someone flows into the street inlet. From the results, we found that if trash is deposited in the sewer when basin area is 0.2ha with 50mm/hr of rainfall intensity, it takes 4 minutes and 10 minutes respectively that the rainwater(surface water) overflows the street inlet and then overflows the street curbs. These results mean that it takes less than 15 minutes that the rainwater overflows the street which may cause property damage. We expect the fact that by devising guideline and education plans based on the results of this research for improving people’s sense of flood prevention we could contribute to a disaster prevention strategy.
Keyword Inlet Street, Drain Pipe, Maintenance Control, Real Scale, Trash
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