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Department Disaster Prevention Research Division
Date 2017
Name of Journal Journal of the Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation
Title A study of analysis for risk distance by electric leakage during flood
Author Joo Jaeseun, Choi Hyeonseok, Jung Dojoon
Type 국내저널
Abstract Electric shock due to the electric leakages from the street lamps or traffic lights used to happen until the 1990. After the accident causing 19 casualties during the heavy rains on July 15-16, 2011 in Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi-do, the administrator established laws on installing circuit breakers to the street lamps and traffic lights. However, the standing signboard along the sidewalk remains a blind stop. Though some local government have tried to keep the streets safe from the electric standing signboards to prevent the pedestrian from getting shocked, most store-owners hardly observes and keep on using it illegally because of the promotion effects. Thus, the objects of this research were focused on providing the danger range of electric leakage in flooded situation and safety guidelines for the pedestrians.
Keyword Electric shock, Standing signboard, Prevailing voltage, Impedance, Danger range
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