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Department Disaster Prevention Research Division
Date 2017
Name of Journal Journal of the Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation
Title Comparative Radial Analysis of Philippines’ Local Flood Vulnerability Index
Author Azotea, Marc Sinan B., Cheong, Tae Sung, Jeong, Sang Man
Type 국내저널
Abstract Flood has been a primary concern and one of the global issues today, because it has been knocking down lives, economy, live
stocks which people has been striving to protect. In the Philippines, flood is also a big issue and although there is an existing
flood vulnerability index (FVI) assessment, vulnerable areas are not accurately identified because it is done on a larger scale basis.
In this research an FVI under a smaller scale was used to assess the vulnerability of five areas (one city and four municipalities)
in the province of Albay, Philippines. A comparative analysis was also performed to identify which among these five areas are
more vulnerable to flooding. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used to weigh the indicators and components through the
expert decision from surveys made by different professionals. A 10-year data from 2006 to 2015 was collected wherein the first
5 years was used for calibration and the succeeding years was for verification. The outcome is standardized with values ranging
from 0 to 1 (extremely low, low, moderate, high and extremely high).
Finally, assessment of each components (social, economic, environmental and physical) showed that all five areas are identified
to be extremely high vulnerable for both environmental and physical components. While for the social and economic component,
the value ranges from moderate to high vulnerability. Manito has the highest overall FVI with a value of 0.655, followed by Guinobatan, Bacacay, Camalig and lastly, Legazpi with values of 0.632, 0.576, 0.521 and 0.509, respectively. Therefore, application of FVI assessment to smaller scale areas provides specific results in identifying the areas which are vulnerable to flooding.
Keyword Comparative Analysis, Flood Vulnerability Index, Local Scale, Component Assessment
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