Main Functions

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Disaster Information Research Division

The Disaster Information Research Division researches and develops disaster information-sharing, three-dimensional disaster investigation and analysis, scientific disaster monitoring, and decision-making support technologies. Those techniques contribute to preeptive disaster response and minimizing disaster damages through diffusion of status information for immediate disaster reponses.

■ Disaster Situation Analysis Center
  • • Managing all the in the Disaster Research Division
  • • Development of damage analysis technology based on satellite image data
  • • Maintenance of linking NDMI-MOIS(Ministry of the Interior and Safety) system for supporting decision-making
■ Coastal Disaster Research Team
  • • Developing decision-making technologies for coastal disaster prevention
  • • Development of numerical simulation for coastal inundation in the whole areas of the korean peninsula
■ Disaster Information Analysis Team
  • • Development of disaster situation management system and context awareness technology for disaster based on GIS
  • • Development of damage information status analysis and expressive technology in disaster site
  • • Development of spatial information based disaster support system
■ Disaster Information Integration Team
  • • Operation and management of the ‘Integrated Management System for Safety Information’
  • • Operation and management of the ‘Disaster Information Research Platform’
  • • Management of R&D Facilities and Equipment