Main Functions

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Disaster Scientific Investigation Division

Innovation of the disaster management system using disaster scientific investigation and analysis

Disaster Scientific Investigation Division pursues the development of disaster forensic investigation and profiling technologies as well as implementation of researches on improvement of the policy systems in order to prevent the recurrence of similar disasters.

■ Disaster Investigation and Management Team
  • • Managing the Disaster Scientific Investigation Division
  • • Conducting disaster scientific investigation for natural disasters
■ Disaster Investigation and Profiling Team 1
  • • Developing the standard operation procedure for forensic investigation(structural collapse/fire accident)
  • • Developing the investigation and analysis techniques for collapse?fire accident using equipment and simulation
  • • Conducting the investigation of current issues such as joint government disaster cause investigation group (FRAMEWORK ACT ON THE MANAGEMENT OF DISASTERS AND SAFETY, Article 69 (Investigation of Causes of Disasters))
■ Disaster Investigation and Profiling Team 2
  • • Investigating disaster causality forensically in environmental and chemical sectors
  • • Developing and applying disaster profiling technologies
  • • Analyzing laws, regulations, and policies related to disaster causes and making improvement measures
  • • Managing the data and their archive on results of disaster cause investigation and analysis
■ Disaster Investigation Technology Team
  • • On-site scientific investigation using roboics equipment (UAV/ LiDAR/robot, etc.)
  • • Performance analysis of advanced sensors for DSI and on-site applicability evaluation
  • • Robotics equipment management and maintenance for timely response to on-site scientific investigations
  • • Public relations for robotics equipment and on-site scientific investigation