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Safety research Division

Development of safety science and technology in social problem solving

Safety Research Division has been dedicated to development safety technology for the public and support national safety policy based on scientific basis

■ Safety Research Management Team
  • • Managing all tasks in the Safety Research Division
  • • Supporting for disaster safety policy and technical development of efficient budget investment analysis
  • • Expanding participatory community mapping service for safety throughout the country
■ Regional Safety Research Team
  • • “Regional Safety Index” Calculation & Consulting Service for Improving Regional Safety Level
  • • National & Community “Risk Register” Assessment & Enhancement
  • • Development of Methodology for Strengthening National & Local’s Capability of Safety Management
■ Safety Standard Research Team
  • • Developing extraction, comparison, analysis techniques of safety standards for effective safety regulations
  • • Developing revitalization-support technologies in disaster safety industry
  • • Cooperating with Domestic/International organizations in Safety Standards and safety industry
■ Social Safety Research Team
  • • Development of technology to support disaster safety for vulnerable groups
  • • Improvement of CBS(Cell Broadcasting Service) for disaster vulnerable groups
  • • Analysis of standardization in public safety telecommunication and re/establishing of domestic and foreign standards
  • • Research for vulnerable groups safety behavior in case of disasters
■ Safety Service Research Team
  • • Developing policy·techniques·services of disaster satety improvement for the public safely
  • • Developing disaster relief policy·techniques·services for supporting the disaster victims
  • • Developing disaster safety assessment and techniques for stfe evacuation
■ Big Data Research Team
  • • Scanning of weak signal over the emerging future ri나 based on big data analysis(on news reports, social media, etc.)
  • • Research on heatwave/coldwave risk prediction/assessment and support a policy implementation
  • • Publication of institutional periodic magazine 「Future Safety Issue」, 「SNS Disaster Issue」
R&D Innovation Center

① Planning and Management of R&D Projects related to Disaster & Safety, and their Performance Evaluation and Technology Diffusion

② R&D Innovation Center is focusing on "the Innovations" for the systematic planning, strict managing and high performances of the R&D projects related to Disaster and Safety

Safety Research Division has been working on the development of safety technology to strengthen the safety capability of the people and support national safety policy.

■ R&D Planning Team
  • • Planning of the R&D projects and establishment of their road-map on disaster and safety management issues
  • • Establishment and implementation of MOIS (Ministry of the Interior Safety) R&D innovation strategies
  • • Support for establishment of R&D policies related to disasters and safety issues (Comprehensive Plans for Development of technology for Disaster and Safety Management, etc.)
  • • Development of MOIS R&D evaluation indices and analysis of their performance
■ R&D Management Team 1
  • • General management of MOIS R&D projects
  • • Accounting of MOIS R&D projects funds
  • • Management and operation of MOIS R&D management system
■ R&D Management Team 2
  • • Training for regulations and guidelines of MOIS R&D projects
  • • Evaluation, inspection, and sanction of MOIS R&D projects
  • • Management and revision of technology classification for disaster and safety issues