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Disaster Prevention Research Division

Development of Disaster Prevention Technology for the creation of expertise and the safety of the people

The Disaster Prevention Research Division is contributing to the safety of the people by improving professional abilities on disaster management technologies, developing empirical research on scientific disaster prevention, and providing the research results.

■ Disaster Prevention Research Management Team
  • • Administrate all of tasks in the Disaster Prevention Research Division
■ Drought Research Team
  • • Development of Integrated Forecasting-Warning Techniques for National Drought Information
  • • Development of National Integrated Drought Information Service(NIDIS)
■ Small Stream Research Team
  • • Project: Development of the small stream disaster risk reduction technology
  • • Measurements of the discharge and flood monitoring
  • • Reestablishment of the small stream related design code and raws
  • • Reconstruction of characteristics information of the small streams and development of classification technology for them
  • • Technical support for local government to extend the Close-circuit television Automatic Discharge Measurement Technology
  • • Development of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning System to establish the disaster risk information Urban Flood Research Team
  • • Development of Urban Flood Criteria
  • • Development of Technology for Urban Flood Analysis
  • • Multi-Ministerial R&D related to Urban Flood
  • • Development and Operation of Real Time Urban Flood Monitoring System”
  • • Installation and Operation of Submerged Sensor
■ International Cooperation Team
  • • Conducting Official Development Assistance(ODA) project in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction
  • • Supporting activities of international organizations including UNESCAP, UNDRR, World Bank, and Typhoon Committee, etc.
  • • Supporting international cooperation works in the National Disaster Management Research Institute(NDMI)
  • • Conducting the works related to the official abroad trip of NDMI, such as holding the council for reviewing and screening the annual plan of the official abroad trips and reviewing the tentative program of the official abroad trip in NDMI
■ Task Force for Preliminary Consultation on the Disaster Impact Assessment
  • • A Preliminary Review of Disaster Impact Assessment
  • • Support improving Acts and Systems for Disaster Impact Assessment
  • • Inspection support of the implementation status for Disaster Impact Assessment
■ Urban Flood Laboratory Team
  • • (R&D) Development of the Technology for Flood Damage Reduction in Urban Areas based on Empirical Experiments
  • • (ETP) Improvement and Implementation of the Evacuation Training Programs in Flooded Area
  • • (MRO) Maintenance and Improvement of Facilities for Urban Flood Experimental Research and the Training Programs in Flooded Area
■ Geotechnical Disaster Research Team
  • • Improvement of geotechnical disaster management criteria
  • • Development of steep slope disaster mitigation technology based on empirical experiments
  • • Development of steep slope disaster risk assessment system
Disaster Policy Research Center(DPRC)

A disaster policy research on advanced system for National disaster Emergency Management & local disaster resilience capacity

Disaster Policy Research Center has been dedicated to improve disaster management capacities for the public security and safety by focusing on national & local disaster management framework, conflict management, and counter-terrorism preparedness system.

■ A research on redesigning the disaster management system in central government
  • • Developing the categorization and management criteria based on the past disasters analysis
  • • Developing the command, control and support system between countermeasures
  • • Suggesting the integrated operational system between countermeasures
■ A research on local emergency management
  • • Developing policies for improving local emergency management system
  • • Conducting surveys on disaster risk issues
  • • Developing strategies for citizen participation in emergency management
■ A Research on disaster conflict management
  • • A Study on the Demand Survey and Supporting Plan for the Civil Disputes in the Disaster Area
  • • Developing a disaster policy on conflict management
■ A research on the counter terrorism policy
  • • Developing a Counter-Terrorism Framework for Criteria of Terrorism Acts and Classification of Terrorism Incidents
  • • Improving a policy on the counter terrorism safety management system
  • • Findings of Critical Function and Role of the Ministry of Interior and Safety in the Public Crowded Places