Main Functions

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Research Planning Department

Managing all tasks of disaster safety R&D and supporting the research for disaster management policy

The Research Planning Department is charge of national disaster managements through developing strategies of Comprehensive National Disaster Safety Technology Development, setting environments of a research and experiments to improve disaster safety technologies.

■ Management Support Team
  • • Generalizing all tasks in the Research Planning Department
  • • Recharging of recruiting, personal managements
  • • Supporting general affairs
■ Accounting Management Team
  • • Managing contracts and government goods
  • • Executing budgets and settings accounts
  • • Taking charge of external business about Innovation City
■ Planning & Performance Team
  • • Planning NDMI's main tasks
  • • Estimating and managing budgets for main tasks
  • • Managing research tasks and administering the Research Committee
  • • Managing departments and employees in NDMI, Issuance and Management of Directives and Established NDMI's rules
  • • Dealing with comprehensive evaluation for Executive Agencies
  • • Planning performance management and managing researchers' performance (about management capability, business)
  • • Producing promotional materials and supporting to respond media for departments in NDMI
■ Facility Management Team
  • • Managing the Main building, experiment equipment, and national properties
  • • Generalizing and managing facilities, cleaning of the building, guidance, and a security service
  • • Managing information business, information and communication, information security, computer room, and computer equipment