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Department Disaster Prevention Research Division
Date 2017
Name of Journal Journal of the Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation
Title Development of Discharge Coefficient Equation by Using Side Weir Hydraulic Experiments
Author Cheong, Tae Sung, Ko, Teakjo, Shim, Kio
Type 국내저널
Abstract New discharge coefficient equation which can be used to estimate discharge coefficient has been developed by using only hydraulic data and weir shape data easily obtained. Hydraulic experiments reflecting small stream characteristics has been performed to develop discharge coefficient equation. Hydraulic experiments has been performed in open channel which is 22 m long, 1m high and 2 mwide and established in National Disaster Management Institute, Korea. Rectangular side weir installed in the channel is determined by field research. Sensitivity analysis are performed to select physically meaningful parameters such as Froude Number, weir length, channel slope and depth as a dependent variables and nonlinear multiple regression method is used to develop new discharge coefficient equation. The new discharge coefficient equation results are compared with measured data and also discharge coefficients estimated from selected equations which can represent discharge coefficient well. New discharge coefficient equation which has been developed in this study is proven to be superior in explaining discharge coefficient of side flow weir more precisely compared to existing discharge coefficient equations.
Keyword Side Weir, Discharge Coefficient, Small Stream, Hydraulic Experiment, Nonlinear Multi-regression Method
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